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A Look At the Wedding Scene in Giant

A Look At the Wedding Scene in Giant

Giant is heavily remembered as the last film that James Dean ever made before his untimely passing. This is a very unique film that profiles the evolution of the Benedict family. While Dean was known to have been difficult to work with as the film was being shot, he was still so fascinated in the movie and the storyline that he was willing to work for a very small salary just so he could be in it. In fact, his salary was much lower than what was expected out of what Montgomery Clift, another person who was considered for the role of Jett Rink, would have asked for.

But as much as people like to talk about James Dean and his work in the film, there is no way how people can forget about Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson, the two primary starts in the show. In fact, one scene in the film in particular is truly reflective of their relationship with one another as the film was taped.

Giant 1956The scene where Taylor’s character of Leslie Lynnton was observing her sister’s wedding is truly memorable. It has a fine allure to it that is refined and luxurious. There are plenty of fine flowers and table skirts around with many of the colors matching up with the table skirts and other decorations.

However, the scene is punctuated by the appearance of Bick Benedict, a character played by Rock Hudson. His appearance is rather unplanned as it really added to the emotion of the wedding scene.
What makes this so noteworthy is that the scene is rather reflective of how close Hudson and Taylor were during the shooting process. They both enjoyed partying together and even liked to consume plenty of chocolate martinis. The chocolate martini was a popular drink between the two of them; in fact, the drink almost appeared at one point in the film.

This relationship between Hudson and Taylor did generate a small controversy as Michael Wilding, Taylor’s husband at the time, flew in to Texas to take a look at her to see if she was fine. It turned out that there was nothing to fear as she was being taken care of quite well.

However, one thing that many people don’t know about the wedding scene is that Taylor and Hudson were both partying the night before the scene was shot. They were both very much hung over from all the alcohol they had both consumed the night before. In fact, they even stated that they threw up in between takes during the day. They were sluggish and tired but at the same time their worn out feelings and emotions were a big part of what made the scene so memorable and intense.

Fortunately, it was not too hard for director George Stevens to manage the scene. In fact, he won his second Best Director Oscar for this film.

Anyone who watches Giant will certainly be amazed by the many details that come with this film. The detail of the wedding scene is just one great aspect of this film that came from one of the more fascinating behind the scenes stories in film history.

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Why Movie Props Can Make a Difference

Why Movie Props Can Make a Difference

Remember all those outside items that you see whenever you watch your favorite movies? You can’t picture Rebel Without a Cause without all those knives, right?

The thing is that sometimes the right props can make a difference in any film. Props are used in many films not only to advance a story but to also make that story as realistic and sensible as it can be. This is a fascinating aspect of film that all people should utilize.

They Make Spaces Realistic

Many props in movies are designed to make any setting that the film takes place in look and feel a little more realistic. For instance, a knife might be used in an alleyway to symbolize the natural and intense feel of a typical knife fight.

Meanwhile, a series of cooking pans and utensils may be used as props in a kitchen. If the right props are used then it will be rather easy for anyone to have a more unique and specific look to a scene.

Realism is important as a film that fails to be realistic in its style might be harder to take seriously. Of course, there are always those sticklers who insist on the things that they see in horror films being as accurate and correct as possible.

They Add More To Characters

Universal propsSometimes props are designed to help add a little bit of extra support to the characters that are using them. For instance, a person who is at a horse racing track and is an avoid player of the ponies might benefit from a prop like a racing form for the day. This can add quite a bit of realism to a scene as it can further emphasize whatever it is someone likes to do.

The best part of this is that any director can figure out props based on the characteristics of the people who would use them. It only takes a few moments for a typical director to figure out what items might work better for any character.

It Makes a Scene Detailed

Of course, there is the consideration of how some props can make any scene look a little more unique or detailed. For instance, table skirts are used in many movie scenes where large dining events are held at because these table skirts make the tables look more refined. Meanwhile, a horror movie might use lots of masks and fake wound materials as props for people to wear so they will show more of the horror-related aspects that come with such a movie. There is no limit as to what may be done when getting a good scene to look its best and to become more effective with such props.

Anything that makes a scene more detailed and unique will be welcome. It is clear that such items have to be used carefully to create a feeling or atmosphere that is unique. They also show the care that such a filmmaker may use when getting such scenes ready.

Movie props really can be important when it comes to getting a film to look and feel as realistic as possible. These can certainly add a bit of quality to any scene one is trying to support.

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Places That Sell Table Skirts Work Well for Film Productions

Places That Sell Table Skirts Work Well for Film Productions

There are many quality film productions out there that often require the use of table skirts. This is something that many people don’t think about all that much but it is an aspect that can truly make a difference in many scenes.

The thing about table skirts is that they are items that will carefully and quickly add more detail to any scene that takes place in a dining area. For instance, a movie scene might take place in a spot like a wedding where all sorts of fine tables might be found. In other cases a scene might take place at a business meeting where a strict sense of formality has to be maintained.

Either way, table skirts are used in many movie scenes because these table skirts will make many scenes look and feel more unique. There are many points that film productions can utilize when getting these items ready.

When Are They Used?

Table skirts needs to be used in scenes where some activities might call for them. A wedding or high-end business party is a good example of a scene where such a material may be added in. If the event calls for such a skirt to be added then it only makes sense to use the product at that given time. There does need to be a sense of realism involved when it comes to creating a scene where such a good table skirt may be utilized.

How Are They Designed?

table skirtTable skirts are designed with many physical attributes in mind. Some of them may be designed for circular or rectangular tables. Others can come with a variety of colors ranging from a traditional white tone to a more exotic dark red tone.

The key is to have a unit that is designed to be as attractive as possible. Anything that looks brilliant will add a bit of detail to any film scene where such a unit is required. Of course, the color does need to also match up with the emotion that is being conveyed or at least have a texture that is realistic and attractive without being far too gaudy.

What About Securing the Model?

Sometimes it is essential for all fabrics to be set up on time with regards to a shooting schedule. In other cases the fabrics need to be designed to where they can easily be added and then removed from any scene.

In some cases the use of Velcro materials can be essential. Velcro is often used in many of these different skirts because it only takes a brief moment to secure the skirt onto the table. This is provided that the cloth is large enough to handle. Of course, there is also the option to stick with a table skirt that can be tied onto the table.

All film productions could use table skirts to their benefit. All people who want to create fine scenes should take a careful look at the ways how such table skirts are designed so they will have options that they know are appealing and easy to use when trying to add detail to any space.

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